About Point Blank Art & Design

"There's a spontaneous dynamic to live rock 'n' roll that isn't easy to translate to recording, let alone to canvas. But artist Sara Bowersock embodies that spirit with her Warhol- and Lichtenstein-inspired pop art, transforming the simplicity of hand-cut stencils, acrylic and spray paint into unrestrained, florid expressions of movement, heat and shadow. Her distinctive style is imitated (but never, ever duplicated). Most who see her work agree: Bowersock's talent simply sings." - Jennifer Chancellor, Oklahoma Gazette.

Sara Bowersock

Sara Bowersock began her career in kindergarten when she stole a classmates crayons to draw and write curse words on the school doors. A few decades and a bachelor's degree later, she is still at it (making art, not stealing crayons and writing curse words on school doors).

Influenced by artists like Warhol, Shepard Fairey, Banksy, and Ralph Steadman, Sara's style is a mixture of pop-culture and street art that screams creativity as she continues to develop a unique and instantly recognizable body of work.

Sara started Point Blank Art & Design, LLC in 2009. Her work has been published in books, plastered on walls, licensed for album covers and clothing lines, commissioned, presented to a lifetime achievement award recipient, and featured in homes around the world.

Born in Michigan, raised in Oklahoma, Sara currently lives in Westminster, Colorado and is the proud owner of three cats that she likes to dress up in ridiculous outfits (see below).

Chris Fellure

Chris Fellure is not an artist. That has been clear ever since his mom finally stopped trying to get him to paint things and stuff back in elementary school. Chris is, however, good at helping artists get the things (and stuff) they create into the hands of people who enjoy having them. And that makes Chris Happy. Beginning in the music industry at the age of 17, Chris later transitioned into the world of art, where he now manages all things Point Blank, helping to free up time for Sara to create more and more amazing things (and stuff) for fans and collectors the world over.



Let's not mince words, at any given moment Harp is either Derpin' Hard or Hardly Derpin (trademark). That keeps him busy most days. When things need to get done or shipped, you can find Harp lying on top of those things, making sure they don't run away. He's got this. In addition to his lying around duties, Harp is the resident Chief Nom Inspector. Whether it's bacon, lettuce, chicken, or fresh grass, Harp will make sure it passes inspection, as a courtesy to anyone currently in possession of the noms.